January 17, 2019

Friday, January 18, 2019 – NO SCHOOL

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Kindergarten “Reads the Room”

Our Kindergarten students were so excited for this technological tool in their classroom. We have seen them everywhere, the store, our soap, even at the Book Fair, but now our students are using this piece of technology for another purpose. Its called a QR Code and it not only works in a store, but also in the classroom! How? Sight Words! Color Words! Math! Social Studies! The possibilities are endless!

When beginning this lesson with our students we talked about going to the store, scanning our groceries, and how the barcode on our items give information about how much it costs and more. Then we talked to them about how similar a QR Code and a barcode are… we scan them for information.

We created “Read the Room” iPads to stay on the kindergarten classroom walls. A place for students to scan and be linked to meaningful and purposeful information for our students. When students scanned their QR Codes today they were linked to their POPCORN WORDS and their COLOR WORDS!

What’s great about these QR Codes is that they are linked to Google Slides- this means we can change the document on our side, without ever having to change the QR Code on their wall. We can constantly keep the room updated with new skills!!