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For The Record: Staying in front of the instructional curve for our students

It has been said that one of the most significant challenges we face as professionals in education is attempting to stay in front of the instructional curve for our students.  As a college preparatory school this is extremely important.  We want Clarksville Academy to produce leaders and in order to do so, we must lead, not follow.  It is important for us to educate our students with current, cutting edge technology and practices.  We have taken a huge step forward this year with the immersion of technology in our curriculum.

The good news is Clarksville Academy is a leader.  We have worked very hard laying foundations and strategizing for excellence in our educational offerings. Because we constantly assess where we are, where we want to be, what the challenges might be to reach our goals and how we will move toward them, we are noting progress.

Progress has been made in our means of instruction.  The addition of the 1:1 laptop program from a technological advantage is huge.  We are giving our teachers and students the technological tools they need to be innovative and creative, while still mastering the skills and knowledge we know they must have to be successful.  This practice will begin with our youngest students and grow with them through their years at CA.

Two years ago, we made the change to all honors and AP courses in our upper school curriculum.  This week we received our ACT scores, and the data agrees with what what we thought would happen.  Our students’ scores are surpassing county, state and even national standards.  The education they are receiving is putting them at the top of list for scholarships and college acceptance.

Our lower school students also can boast great standardized test scores.  The teachers worked tirelessly to prepare our students for their futures.  Lower school students have had science and math labs along with vocabulary studies intermixed with their core classes for several years now.  We believed that this would reinforce the basic skill set they were learning in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  According to their latest scores on the CTP4 ERB, the standardized test they take each year, this practice is producing excellent results.

Being open to new ideas and improved practices in education doesn’t always have to relate to academics. Have you read about our latest revisions to our food services?  We have seen a great response to our addition of the breakfast bar, which is open every day at 6:00-8:00 a.m. Items include made to order pancakes, waffles, sausage and biscuit, or cereal, to name just a few.  We will also be adding an afternoon snack or break time to the end of the day which will include items such as protein drinks, fruit and other great after school snacks.

Progress is transforming CA.  Progress, and better yet, success is seen in the amount of scholarship dollars our graduates receive ($2.8 million for a class of 32 in 2011), our above par ACT composite scores (24.6) and the scores of our lower school students on their standardized tests (number).  We are proud that you have chosen to be part of the Cougar family.