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For the Record: End of Semester Message from Kay Drew

As we close out the first semester and 2011, my ninth as Head of Schools will always belong in a category of it’s own.  It has been marked by several notable achievements already:

  • Achieving a 24.6 composite ACT score while the state average is 19.1 and the national average is 21.1.
  • Varsity football advanced to the second round of the TSSAA State Tournament with a 10-2 record.  Our football staff received the coveted A.F. Bridges Sportsmanship Award over all coaching staffs in A, AA, and AAA.
  • AnnaMichelle Moore placed 7th in the State for golf, while our boy’s team advanced to the Regional Tournament.
  • Eight of our cheerleaders traveled to NYC to participate in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  Two will travel to London to perform later this month.
  • Girl’s soccer advanced to the Quarterfinals in District play.
  • CA went Apple!  9th-12th grade students were issued MacBooks, staff received MacBook Pros and the Lower/Intermediate classes have a state-of-the-art technology lab.

This partial listing doesn’t capture one of the most important achievements: the continued devotion of our faculty and staff to the vision of this school.  Just last week we witnessed the magic that occurs when exceptional educators collaborate to bring learning to life.  Lower school students were afforded the opportunity to board The Polar Express for a ‘train ride’. Each student was able to travel using reading and imagination as the transportation system to another world.  Our students had additional related lessons including how to make snow in science class, calculating distance in math, (how far is it from Clarksville to the North Pole?) and most importantly discovering that ‘believing’ can truly make dream’s come true.  Without loving, enthusiastic, creative, and highly skilled teachers this experience of exploration and discovery would not have been possible.

The CA Polar Express day was filled with many memorable snapshot moments but my favorite has to be when one second grade student, who was boarding the train, wide eyed with her ticket clutched in her hand, looked up at our Conductor, (Coach Todd Hood), and said,  “This is the best day I have ever had.  I have always wanted to ride this train!”  For me, that says it all.  We reinforced to our students the power of combining our mind and knowledge with imagination.  The sum of these can transport you anywhere you want to go.  When students realize this priceless life lesson, the gift of education is one that they will respect and cherish forever.

As you have heard me say before, thank you for the opportunity to educate your children.  It is a gift that the faculty and staff and I enjoy each and every day!

For the RecordI am so very proud to be Cougar this holiday season.  2012 will bring more great things to CA and I am glad you are along for the ride.

Merry Christmas!  May you all enjoy a holiday break of fun, laughter and making great family memories.  See you in January!