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Coach Jake Peterson: Athletic Director

Our coaches prepare our student-athletes beyond the field of play. Being a scholarly athlete and competing are a priority at CA.

petersen-and-son-02The rest of the story:
My career at Clarksville Academy began in the fall of 2010. I had been an Assistant Baseball coach at APSU for five years. As I began looking to take a new path in my career, I heard about the CA baseball program and the success and respect that Coach Wade Smith had garnered.

Initially I began as a Physical Education teacher for Intermediate & Upper School as well as Head Golf Coach & Assistant Baseball Coach. My time with the students is my favorite thing at CA. The interaction with these students and their families is truly what gives our school a family feel.

This year I took a new direction in my career and became the Athletic Director all while still maintaining a few of my P.E. classes as well as my coaching duties. My job as AD has given me insight into all the hard work our coaches and athletes put in. We value our athletes, but we always put academics first. Students must succeed in the classroom before they can succeed on playing field. We push fitness for all our students and encourage everyone to be involved in a variety of activities. This gives our students important time management skills and teaches them responsibility.

petersen-and-familyAthletics are an important part of a well-rounded education and we encourage our students to be involved in at least one sport. As a small school our student athletes are often involved in multiple sports. Over 87% of our upper school student body is involved in at least one sport. Over 63% are involved in two or more. Athletics is about more than competition, though competition is important. Athletics teaches students time management, which carries over into academics and life. It encourages a pride for your school and an excitement to see it be the very best. It also enhances a student’s overall health by keeping students in shape and requiring them to exercise regularly. Exercise has been linked to keeping students more focused, giving them more energy and boosting brainpower. For these and other reasons, we feel athletics is an important part of the CA experience.