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Challenge Based Learning Day October 25 – 26, 2013

What a Day!

Our 3rd CBL day was a huge success. What began as an idea…actually a BIG IDEA, has grown. Clarksville Academy has, in 3 short months, begun to IMPACT Clarksville.

On Oct. 25, all our CBL groups were off campus, impacting our community. Coach Hood and Coach Watson’s group, along with Mrs. Carmona/Mr. Neitzke’s group attended the ribbon cutting. Coach Bauer and Mrs. Walker’s group demonstrated the Liberty Park Fitness equipment, and then visited other parks in search of a potential second site thereby increasing the use of Clarksville’s parks.

Our “How can we help the Hungry People of Clarksville?” (under the leadership of Mrs. Kirby and Mrs. Bell) volunteered at Manna Cafe. The group sorted through produce, added bread, baked dessert items, frozen goods, and canned items to complete a variety box of food. They even delivered the boxes to cars assisting some very grateful people. They met some new friends, and have plans to return on upcoming CBL days.They continued their CBL day on Saturday, hosting a Fall Festival Booth collecting canned goods for groups needing donations.

Our group working under the essential question “How can we reduce Clarksville’s Pet Overpopulation?” visited the Animal Control Facility. The group listened to and Interviewed Mr. Tim Clifton, the facility manager, to determine the needs there. They hosted a Fall Festival booth, where visitors could hold a rescue puppy, and receive a permanent reminder to help…a Puppy Paw Print! The booth was a huge hit…providing lots of smiles, and information on Pet Overpopulation.

The group researching the essential question “How can we assist the Underprivileged Children of Clarksville?” visited Byrns Darden School…70% of their students are from low income families who benefit from the Free Lunch/F.U.E.L.program. They toured the school. They visited with the principal, serving as a guiding resource, who filled them in on their needs. Our CA students in this group are well on their way to formulating their Challenges to help deserving children.

Coach Holt and Coach Burkhart’s group investigating the essential question “How can we help low income families achieve the dream of homeownership?” visited a Habitat for Humanity house. They have scheduled a visit to a 2nd site, where the 2 x 4 they signed and donated, will become part of a home. They will volunteer at the site… and help the dream of a family become a reality.

CA students who are members of Coach Bragg and Mrs. McGrath’s group “How can we assist our Military Troops?”, visited Fort Campbell, where they attended a graduation program. They continued their CBL day at the Fall Festival, volunteering at a booth where children dug through sand hunting for treasures. The group implemented a recycling element by donating the sand for school projects.

“How can we make Art available to those who do not have access to it?” Members of Mr. Neitzke and Mrs. Carmona’s group had a guest speaker, Mrs. Cindy Marsh from APSU. They are exploring the idea of a multi-cultural integration of Art in the Clarksville Community.

Our group “How can we reduce our energy dependance by incorporating the use of Solar Energy?” had an exciting day. They visited Dr. Chester Little’s townhouse, on nearby Wilcox Street. They viewed his solar unit, saw his converter panels, and then visited the Smith Trahern Mansion where they are storing their newly acquired gift….This group has been the recipient of a tremendous donation of

· Morning Star charge controller

· Mini grid

· (Lead 60 AH) 12volt sealed + 600 w mini grid inverter 12 volt up to 600 w panel 12 volt max. 10 w panel will slowly charge battery

· Hanging solar light (that can be hooked up to the battery)

· All the connections that would be needed to demonstrate these projects and much more.

These gifts were given by Renate Hernandez for the Solar Initiative (of the Montgomery County Environmental Advisory in partnership with the University of Tennessee and Family and Community Education).

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