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CA Experience

New Classes Starting January 2020!

The CA Experience provides students with opportunities to take part in teacher led classes/activities after the school day. Classes include but are not limited to Cursive Writing, Drawing, ACT Enrichment, and more. Each class varies in the length of time it is offered and in the cost of the program. This program will kick off in January of 2020.

**All registration will take place on Marketplace.  We will provide a direct link to the registration portal once it is live.

Cumberland Winds 

In support of Clarksville Academy’s commitment to offer a valuable music education experience, we have partnered with musical non-profit Cumberland Winds. This partnership will allow us to provide multiple musical options.  These options include student private lessons, group lessons, music theory instruction, and group ensembles.  The offerings, listed below, are designed for after school and summer programming.

Private Instrumental Lessons – 1 per week: We will offer various instrumental instruction and varying lengths of time (30, 45, and 60 minute lessons) starting at $220 for a six week course.

Group Instrumental Lessons (will include one specific instrument, brass only, woodwind only, piano only, guitar only) with 3-8 students weekly in varying time lengths (30,45, and 60 minute lessons) starting at $90 for a six week course.

Group Ensembles (include ensembles with any instrumentation, music theory classes that include learning percussion/drums/musical games/handbells/rhythm studies, with 3 or more students will begin at $70 each for a six week course.

*Group classes are subject to at least three registered students for the same class time/length. 

Introduction to Salsa Dancing

This course will be taught by Nicole Ahima.

This after school activity will introduce students grades 9-12 to the basics of Salsa, including a basic step, right turn, cross-body lead, cross-body lead with a turn, and shines. As a partner dance, this after school activity also serves as an additional tool in teaching young people new methods for assertive communication and healthy socialization. In order to perform the combination, dancers must create time and space for another person, thus in addition to the basic patterns required to complete a step, students in Nicole’s class are also taught communication skills/given space to utilize the communications skills they already possess.

 At the conclusion of this program, students will be able to perform a choreographed routine inclusive of all elements listed above. (Routine will be roughly 1 minute and 30 seconds.)

 This program will run for 6 weeks, meeting every Wednesday from 3:30 – 5:00. Fee to join is $125.00 per student. 

Nicole has been dancing for seven years and teaching in the Greater Nashville Area for six years. With a personal mission of connecting people within and throughout the Nashville community, Nicole sees dance as an opportunity to bridge communities. She offers adult salsa classes through Nashville Community Education, Nashville Ballroom and Co. and serves as the coach for a salsa dance team. Additionally, she hosts Salsa parties, where she also serves as DJ, in which Latin dancers from around Nashville are invited to dance and socialize, meeting new people within the Salsa/Lating dance community. 

**This course must have a minimum of 10 students 

Introduction to Theatre

This course will be taught by Ms. Kristen Kretz.

Intro to theater will introduce students to the basics of public performance including voice projection, word inflection, delivery, and body language awareness. This will be accomplished through a variety of activities targeted to improve dialogue delivery that focuses on pausing, tempo, dynamics, and memorization. At the conclusion of the program students will see improved public speaking skills and be able to perform and successfully deliver a monologue specifically chosen for each participant.

Ms. Kretz has maintained a love, appreciation and participation in the performing arts throughout her life. Between choral performances and theater, she has spent many years on stage. Beginning at age 6, Kristen performed in both competitive choir, professional stage productions, as well as school sponsored performances (a portion in robust academic programs) involving theatre, choreography and vocal music. She has continued to expose her own children to the performing arts in theatre, dance and vocal opportunities and is providing a theatrical instruction opportunity for students at Clarksville Academy.  Ms. Kretz is a firm believer that the skills learned for the stage correlate directly to a students’ confidence in both the public and academic settings and provide an outlet for self-expression that aids in healthy emotional development. This instruction is designed to employ a cutting edge educational development tool based on current research that music and performances aids in healthy brain development and function that is directly connected to improved academic capacity and performance.

**A minimum of 8 students are required for this program.  A maximum of 15 students will be allowed to enroll.

Guitar Lessons

This course will be taught by Marco Martinez.

Individual and group guitar lessons will be offered on a variety of days.

Guitars can be provided for individual lessons and would be shared in group lessons, but it is encouraged to secure your own instrument before beginning the program.

Group lessons will focus on fostering community. Each group session will feature a fundamentals lesson (Ex: proper picking techniques; commonly used chords; major vs. minor keys).

Lessons can be combined with 30 minute individual lesson and a 45-90 minute group lesson.  Rates begin at $125 for three group sessions over the six week course, $180 for six individual lessons or $270 for six individual and three group lessons.

All ages & skill levels are welcome.

Required Text Book: Hal Leonard Guitar Method (Book 1 or Combo Books 1-3)

Book 1 = $6.83 on Amazon

Combo Books 1-3 (Optional) = $18.89 on Amazon

Self Defense Class

This course will be taught by Jen Renken.

Ms. Jen Renken has been teaching self-defense and fitness classes for over ten years. Her background in both is impressive. She has studied Muay Thai for over twenty years and is also certified to lead classes in boxing, Judo, and MMA. In addition she has a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Ms. Renken has been serving our community as a police officer for several years. Teaching these forms of martial arts has lead Ms. Renken to build confidence and character in the lives of so many. 

This course will take place on Wednesdays 3:30-5:00 and will be $125 for the six week course.  Suggested equipment needed are gloves (approximately $50) and protective gear.

A minimum of eight people are needed for this class.