CA at Home

Clarksville Academy At Home

At Clarksville Academy, we are always proud to deliver high-quality education and are equally committed to doing so under exceptional circumstances that may require campus closures.  

Clarksville Academy At Home (CA At Home) is how we describe the experience students have when school remains in session, but when students are unable to physically be present on our campus, because of campus closure. CA At Home does not replicate onsite learning, but our teachers and administrators remain committed-in an online environment-to supporting the intellectual growth and development of our students.  

The CA At Home experience aligns with our educational approach. Our students will be empowered to make choices about how they reach clearly defined learning goals; engage in (online) collaboration to solve authentic problems; feel safe to take intellectual risks while persevering through challenges; and be supported with modeling, differentiation, specific feedback, and opportunities for reflection and revision.  

The success of the CA At Home endeavor is a partnership and is dependent on careful planning by our dedicated faculty and administration, appropriate student motivation and engagement, and strong parent support for this alternative mode of instruction. The result of such learning experiences will expand student academic progress and nurture student social and emotional well-being.  

In any time of uncertainty, there are challenges. It is also, a time that provides us with a multitude of opportunities to connect with ideas and with classmates. Clarksville Academy is prepared for this challenge.  

During this time of at home learning, Clarksville Academy would like to offer additional resources for our community. Browse our video library to find a lesson for your family.  

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