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Supply List

Clarksville Academy 2018-2019 School Supply Lists



You will need to purchase the materials below.
Please place the items in a bag, label the bag with your child’s name, and bring it to orientation or your classroom visit.

  • 2    packages of washable watercolors
  • 4   Clorox or Lysol wipes
  • 1   package of baby wipes
  • 2   box facial tissue
  • 2   glue sticks
  • 1   package dry erase markers
  • 1   container of Playdough
  • 1   package of white cardstock
  • 2   bottles of white glue
  • 1   box of 24 ct. Crayola crayons
  • 1   box broad line Crayola markers
  • 1   box fine line Crayola markers
  • 1   bottle hand sanitizer
  • 1   pk. Expo dry erase markers
  • 1   roll masking tape
  • 1   box of character bandaids


Everyone (Please label these items with your child’s name)

  • 1 Raincoat
    Our Pre-K students are not allowed to use umbrellas in line.  Each child must have a raincoat to remain at school.
  • 1 Rest Mat
    State Licensing requires our students to rest on 2” thick mats.
  • Clothes
    Each child should bring extra clothes in a Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name.  The bag should include socks, underwear, pants/shorts, and a shirt/top which are appropriate for the season.
  • Bedding
    1 fitted crib sheet and 1 small blanket. No custom rest pads or mat covers please. Children may also bring a small travel-sized pillow and a small stuffed animal for rest time only.
  • Backpack
    No rolling backpacks please.  Standard Size notebook must fit inside without bending.  No small backpacks.



  • 2 containers of disinfectant wipes (clorox or lysol)
  • 1 bottle of hand sanitizer
  • 1 box of facial tissues
  • 5 boxes 8 Crayola Crayons
  • 1 pack of Crayola Markers
  • 2 packages of baby wipes
  • 14 Elmer’s school glue sticks
  • 1 pair quality pointed children scissors (age appropriate, Fiskers is a great brand)
  • #2 pencils (24 ct.)
  • Girls bring 2 rolls of paper towels
  • Boys bring paper napkins
  • 1 box of sandwich sized Ziploc baggies


Your child will need the following personal items and PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME:

  1. Hooded raincoat to remain at school. No umbrellas.
  2. A small beach towel for rest time and a thin 1-inch Kindergarten mat (red and blue). The towel will be sent home every Friday for cleaning.  No stuffed animals and pillows.
  3. Complete change of clothes (pants, shirt, underpants, and socks) in a labeled gallon sized Ziploc bag, which will remain in their backpacks. We will request you to change this as the seasons change.
  4. One reusable spill-proof sport water bottle. This will be used for the snack drink and will be taken on the playground on hot days.  The bottle will be sent home every Friday for cleaning.
  5. A full sized backpack. Your child will be given a daily folder at orientation and should bring the folder in the backpack on the first day of school.  The daily folders fit in the standard size backpacks. *No wheels on the backpack because they are too bulky.  Students will not be bringing home heavy items from school.



  • non-rolling full-size backpack
  • water bottle with push/pull top
  • Headphones or earbuds
  • bottle of pump hand sanitizer
  • School supply box (6” x 8”)
  • 1 container of anti-bacterial wipes
  • 1 box facial tissue
  • 4 dry erase markers-any color, low odor (student use)
  • 2 yellow highlighters
  • 2 boxes of 24 count crayons (2nd box for mid-year)
  • 10 glue sticks
  • 1 pair of age-appropriate scissors
  • pencil top erasers (non-novelty)
  • 1 package of #2 Ticonderoga pencils
  • Mead FIVE STAR Pocket folders with NO brads (1 each of red, purple, green, blue)-plastic/poly
  • 1 solid or black/white composition notebook
  • 1 box of washable markers
  • 1 12-count box of colored pencils
  • Raincoat (to be left at school throughout the year)



  • School supply box (6” x 8”)
  • 1 box colored pencils
  • 1 three-ring binder (1 inch) with clear plastic cover
  • 2 packages of #2 Ticonderoga pencils
  • 1 good quality pair scissors (age appropriate)
  • Pencil top erasers (non-novelty)
  • 2 glue sticks
  • 1 box of 24 count crayons
  • 1 12” ruler with inch and centimeter markings
  • 1 yellow highlighter
  • 4 dry erase markers (for student use)
  • 2 box facial tissue
  • 1 box anti-bacterial wipes
  • 1 box baby wipes
  • 1 package of standard rule notebook paper
  • Backpack
  • Reusable water bottle no larger than 20 ounce
  • 1 small bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Umbrella
  • Headphones or Earbuds with Microphone


  • 4 pocket folders without brads
  • 2 composition notebooks
  • 2 school boxes size, 6” x 8” (1 to keep in each class)
  • 2 packages of standard rule notebook paper
  • 2 boxes of colored pencils (1 to keep in each class)
  • 2 boxes of 24 count crayons (1 to keep in each class)
  • 1 package of glue sticks
  • 1 bottle of liquid glue
  • 1 white three-ring binder (1inch)
  • 1 ring binder zipper pocket pouch
  • 2 good quality pairs of scissors – age appropriate (1 to keep in each class)
  • 2 blue or black ink pens
  • 1 12” ruler with inch and centimeter markings
  • 2 boxes of tissue
  • 1 package of highlighters
  • 1 box of sandwich size Ziploc Bags
  • 1 package of dry erase markers
  • 2 packages of Ticonderoga pencils – NO MECHANICAL PENCILS
  • 1 box of antibacterial wipes
  • 1 box of baby wipes
  • 1 set of headphones
  • 1 stylus for iPad
  • 1 bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Eraser for whiteboard
  • Umbrella
  • Backpack



  • 3 packages of #2 pencils (non – novelty)
  • 1 handheld pencil sharpener**
  • 1 good quality pair scissors**
  • 6 glue sticks**
  • 1 bottle of glue**
  • 2 boxes of 24 count crayons**
  • 1 box of colored markers**
  • 1 box of colored pencils**
  • 1 package of cap erasers**
  • soft zipper supply pouch with 3 rings that can attach into binder**
  • 1 12” ruler with inch and centimeter markings (preferably transparent or clear)**
  • 4 highlighters**
  • 1 standard pocket folder** (4th grade and students new to FUSE only)
  • 2 packages of standard wide-rule notebook paper**
  • 1 spiral notebook (regular size/wide ruled) (4th grade and students new to FUSE only)**
  • 1 composition notebook**
  • 1 box facial tissue
  • 2 containers Clorox/Lysol wipes
  • Ziploc Bags (4th grade-boys gallon size, girls quart size)
  • (5th grade- boys-snack size, girls-quart size)
  • Reusable water bottle no larger than 20 oz. (flip/pop top preferred)**
  • compact umbrella**
  • Earbuds**
  • Small Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with batteries installed**
  • Extra pack of keyboard batteries for future use**
  • Case-it 3-inch 3-Ring Zipper Binder (this size is required)
    NOTE: Please make sure there is only 1 large zippered compartment with one set of opening clips.  There are binders made by this brand that have 2 separate sets of binder clips, and some that have 2 separate zippered areas.  These are difficult to fit the students’ supplies in correctly.  The correct binder is pictured below.  This binder serves as the student’s desk, and they will use it for both years in the FUSE program.  (available online and in stores)


  • FUSE Backpack (available for purchase at the CA Cougar Store as of August 1st)


Note: Please label items marked ** with student’s name.
*please add something to FUSE backpacks to identify them as your child’s

*folders will be provided for each class



 (Download PDF)